Darcy writes the words. Lizzie lives them.

–Front cover

Afterworlds is a novel about a 17 year-old new author who has just signed a contract with a publishing company. Interwoven with this story is the book that she wrote, Afterworlds, about a girl who through a near death experience, can now see ghosts.

Darcy's storyEdit

Darcy is moving to New York to live out the life she wants as an author. She goes to the YA party and meets Imogen, another author and learns about the life of a new author waiting for their first book to be published.


Lizzie is going home when a terrorist attacks the airport she's in. When she calls 911, the lady on the phone suggests she play dead. This plan works too well, and Lizzie descends into the land of the dead where she meets this strange guy, who is like her, with a strange story of his own.